Disconnecting structure and dynamics in polymer thin films
Seminar, Northwestern University; December 2016

Machine learning at the surface of glassy thin films
MRSEC group meeting, University of Pennsylvania; December 2016

Disconnecting structure and dynamics in polymer thin films
Physics Colloquium, Emory University; November 2016

Algorithmic lattice kirigami
ICERM Workshop: Unusual Cnfiguration Spaces; September 2016

Algorithmic lattice kirigami
SIAM Conference on Mathematical Aspects of Materials Science; February 2016

The geometry and topology of granular matter
Physics Colloquium, University of Vermont; February 2016

Kirigami in Architecture, Technology, and Science
Workshop on Origami Design for Integration of Self-assembling Systems for Engineering Innovation, Florida International University; February 2016

Geometry and topology in computational soft matter
Physics Colloquium, Haverford College; February 2016

Topological constraints in entangled polymer melts
Soft Matter Seminar, University of Massachusetts Amherst; July 2014

Topologically entangled polymer dynamics and tube confinement
7th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems, Barcelona, Spain; July 2013

Topological Entanglement in Polymer Liquids
University of Pennsylvania, Soft Matter Seminar; November, 2011

Theory of topological entanglement in polymer liquids: Localization, transport, and yielding
Center for Integrated Nanotechnologies seminar, Sandia National Laboratories; August 2011

Structure and dynamics in bulk and thin-film glasses
Simons Collaboration Workshop:  Cracking the glass problem; June 2016

Topological boundary modes in jammed matter
APS March Meeting; March 2016

Algorithmic lattice kirigami
Soft Matter Gordon Research Seminar; August 2015

Disordered surface vibrations in jammed sphere packings
APS March Meeting; March 2015

Vibrational Modes at the Surface of Jammed Packings
ACS Colloids; June 2014

Soft Spots in Amorphous Thin Films: A structural signature of free surfaces
APS March Meeting; March 2014

Entanglement Elasticity in Polymer Chain Melts: Microscopic calculation of the rubbery plateau modulus via intermolecular shear stress correlations
APS March Meeting; March 2013

Microscopic theory of the tube confinement potential and relaxation of entangled needle liquids under stress
APS March Meeting; March 2012

Microscopic theory of the dynamic tube confinement potential for entangled liquids of rigid macromolecules
Society of Rheology, 83rd Annual Meeting; October 2011

Microscopic Theory of Topological Entanglement Constraints in Fluids of Rigid Macromolecules
APS March Meeting; 2011

Microscopic Statistical Dynamical Theory of Correlated Motion in Glassy Fluids and Suspensions
APS March Meeting; 2010

Contributed Posters
Algorithmic lattice kirigami
Soft Matter Gordon Research Conference; August 2015

Structural length scales in glassy thin films from machine learning
Liquids Gordon Research Conference; August 2015

Disordered surface vibrations in jammed sphere packings
Unifying Concepts in Glass Physics VI (Aspen Center for Physics); February 2015

Effect of Orientational Order on the Entanglement Density of Polymer Melts
Polymer Physics Gordon Conference; July 2014

Low-frequency modes of jammed disorderd configurations with free surfaces
7th International Discussion Meeting on Relaxations in Complex Systems; July, 2013

Theories of slow dynamics: From colloidal suspensions to entangled macromolecules
Chemistry and Physics of Liquids Gordon Research Conference; July, 2011