I am currently a postdoctoral fellow with the Penn soft matter theory group where I am supervised by Randy Kamien. Together we are looking at kirigami-inspired design of surfaces and at disordered materials in which geometry and topology conspire to determine mechanical and dynamical properties of the system. I also work with Tom LubenskyAndrea Liu, and Sid Nagel on problems related to amorphous solids with free surfaces.

My graduate studies were done at the University of Illinois, studying entangled polymer dynamics in Ken Schweizer’s research group. Our main focus was a rigorous treatment of polymer topological constraints — the idea that long polymers cannot cross through each other and thus become “entangled” — within a simple microscopic framework.

I graduated from Williams College in 2007 with B.A.’s in physics and mathematics. My undergraduate thesis — in quantum information theory and supervised by William Wootters — involved constructing rotationally symmetric, entropy-minimizing states for quantum systems with discrete degrees of freedom.

In the course of my more numerical work I have released a few software packages; if you are interested please see my Bitbucket page, or feel free to email my any questions.